My name is Sandra Kin.

I am, as I like to call myself, a free spirit woman who is devoted to helping other women build a business around their lives and gain more freedom in life. I’m also a digital entrepreneur and digital business consultant.

My mission is to create a possible comprehensive treasury of knowledge on entrepreneurship conducted in the virtual world of the Internet. My business is my passion. Yours also can be. I want to show you how in today's age of the Internet to run a business that will not only give you money but will also allow you to create the life you desire.

I truly believe that we can change the world by helping people to change their lives; one after one.

Privately I am an adventurer. In nature, I feel at home.

I'm a mom of two. Loved and loving woman. And a happy human.

My philosophy about life and career

I believe that women should focus on their passion, values, and the contributions they can make to the planet. It is no longer all about chasing after money because contrary to popular belief, money it self doesn’t bring happiness. 

Now is the time to put yourself and your passion first. When you live the life you love, do the business you love, and make positive impacts, money and happiness will come naturally. 

So many persons are yet to come into the world of online business because they are stuck in the place they have gotten used to and don’t want to try anything else.

Resistance to change is a major factor preventing many women from all over the world from attaining financial independence and achieving success in what they are passionate about.

Although it is the human nature to resist change, this time we must leave our doubts and indecisions aside as we move into a new era of our lives; one where we can be successful and fulfilled without advanced education, corporate jobs, years of work experience, and all other things that tie us to the corporate world. 

Free Spirit Woman Reach For Financial And Time Freedom

I always wanted to travel, live in different places, I wanted to have more freedom and live life on my own terms.

The problem was that for many years I believed that spiritual development did not go hand in hand with wealth. When I started my journey to awakening, I heard in many workshops that a woman developing her spiritual nature should give up the thought of money to spirituality.

So I said to myself "I don't need money" and lived from 1 to 1, like most people I know. 

I was an employee for the majority of my professional life. I had two or three weeks of vacation yearly and 40 years on the leash ahead of me. I had to let my work know months in advance if I needed a holiday to meet my family or friends as we live in different countries.

Before I moved to Scotland, where I live, for 15 years, I was a single mom in Poland, struggling to give my family financial security. I shared my time between work, and my daughter, but never had enough time that a mother should give her child. 

Over time, my financial struggle became unbearable. I didn't want to give up on my spiritual journey as it was one of the most important things in my life. But I didn't want to chase every penny all the time. I began to wonder if there was another way. 

There was. 

How Did I Achieve Financial Independence Doing What I love?

The difference between my time spent as an employee and as a digital entrepreneur lies in the support and education I got.

I learned real skills from a team of experts in the digital industry, who gave me first-hand education and directive to set up my new venture, treat it like a real business and create a plan for everything I needed to make it a successful one.

With their help and training, I became a digital entrepreneur who could earn money from my online business, control my freedom, and even touch the lives of others.

Many people are taking charge of their lives right now, gaining financial freedom by venturing into the digital industry to create any kind of business they want to run for themselves.

What is most amazing about this new reality is that you don’t need working experience, tech experience, or recommendation from a former boss. All you need is proper training! 

By telling you this story, I wanted to inspire you and let you know that there is always hope to change your lifestyle and start creating your own freedom.

It is the essence of what our community is all about - helping motivated and committed individuals create the life of their dreams by learning how to leverage online tools and technology. It provides everything you need (process, tools, updating, guidance and support). So you'll execute efficiently and with excellence.

Remember, I'm here for you, it is my mission to show as many women as possible how they can build a business around their lives and gain more freedom in life. So, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. You will find all my contact details here.

Build that life of flexibility and freedom you always dreamed of.

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