Improve your life with positive self-talk. 
Positive self-talk will help you recognize, promote, and sustain optimism, hope, and joy in your life.

(Please read it as if you wrote it)

🌺I embrace the wealth that comes my way today with open arms.
🍀I am ready to work hard as I receive the abundance life offers me.
🌸Therefore I am convinced that I can achieve all my financial goals. 
🌷I am certain that all my efforts today will bring me good success. 

🌹I develop patience and perseverance; I am willing to work as I watch prosperity come towards me. 

🥀Abundance is made up of mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, and material prosperity; I am open to receive all as I do everything necessary. 

🌻I am constantly supplied with ideas that help me achieve financial success.
🍁I will use my time judiciously and nature will reward me with prosperity.
🌿I set goals that are achievable, but I don’t aim for too much that I am left devastated. 

🌾I am learning how to save and invest wisely.
🌼I am enthusiastic and inspired; I am driven to achieve my goals.

🌺The work I do leads me to greater financial success.

🍀I always have a road map guiding me to my achievements and prosperity even though I might feel uncertain sometimes. 
🌸I take healthy risks to build a great financial future.
🌷I have what it takes to achieve everything I desire.
🌹I am ready to receive every financial favor coming towards me.

🥀When I am not sure about how to connect where I am with where I am going, I am not worried or scared; I am calm and relaxed.  

🌻When I achieve my set goals and objectives, I set new ones and achieve them again as I have done in the past.

🍁I am focused on my financial goals.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What steps can I take daily to assure myself that abundance is coming my way?
  2. What goals have I achieved in the past? 
  3. How realistic are the financial goals I have set to me?
  4. Are my goals high enough to keep me motivated and excited without feeling unachievable? 

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